Not Alone Flag

Not Alone Flag

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Back with a fresh new design, we have revamped the original 'Not Alone' design to bring you this limited run of just 20 flags, in aid of raising awareness for mental health illnesses. Flag size is 1.2 x 0.8 meters and comes with four eyelets.

As a topic that we've both experienced, this issue is very close to our hearts and too many lives are affected every day by mental health issues. We want to help raise awareness for these issues and stamp out the stigma around mental health, as well as encouraging people to start the conversation around this topic - to reach out if you're struggling and remember that you are NOT alone. 

Profits from each sale will be donated between The Samaritans and MIND charities. To find out more about what these charities do, and to get help if you're struggling, please visit here:

Your life IS important. Please contact a family member, friend, or colleague if you are suffering so that you don't have to suffer alone. The links above also have contacts for if you need help with a mental health illness, and as always, the Lost Ghosts family are here for you - we're always willing to lend an ear to someone that needs one.