Founded in 2016, we are an independent clothing company based in Hertfordshire, U.K.

Inspired by music, horror, and movies, all our designs are limited runs, making them not only collectable but wearable art.

The name Lost Ghosts came from the idea of being an outsider, trying to find yourself and not really knowing where you belong - a kindred spirit. We wanted Lost Ghosts to reflect that through the branding and the designs we release - we wanted to make a brand that's inclusive of all types of people, that could bring all these people who feel lost together and make a community; the Lost Ghosts family.

We're proud to be different, we celebrate the unique as we believe normal is boring and weird is good!

As worn by:

Kyle Lucas @kylelucas

Dann Bostock of @trashboatkuk @dannbostock

Mikey Page of @thecityisoursuk @thecityismikey

Braxton Smiley of @holdcloseofficial @braxton.smiley

Kevin Lanier of @roughstartband @kevinroughstart

Lewis King Tattooist @LVtattoo